Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Get Your Dunkin Thursday

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I feel like every time Rachel Maddow talks I listen and either agree or learn something new. Man can you imagine that? Journalism at work. Health care reform seems, cross your fingers, is on its way and it going to get an "up or down vote." What hasn't changed is the non-stop hypocrisy, threats and temper tantrums by the Right and the Republican Congress. They lie. Without conscience. And as Rachel points out they are not embarrassed. This is not funny or cute or "politics as usual", this is grave problem in our current system. Another stupid to combat, Health Care Reform has passed both the House and the Senate! Reconciliation is going to be used in the same way it has been used in the past. Fixes. That's it. All right enough of that. Lady and I are enjoying an anniversary today going to get Tex Mex and MARGARITAS. KILLER MARGARITAS!!!!!! Am I excited? Yup, you can say that. I am lucky guy.

Here are your higlights:

A Sheriff in Louisiana has started "Operation Exodus" training citizens in case of a terrorist attack or citizen unrest. Fear the brown people!

RIP John Swift

The only line of defense, Elizabeth Warren taking a stand on the Consumer Protection Agency

10 Companies reinventing our Energy Infrastructure

I disagree with this, I quite like Ellen on Idol

The Department of Justice falls victim to New McCarthyism, the Right "has their head screwed on backwards." And the moment we allow them to win these arguments the closer we are to losing what's left of America's standing across the world.


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