Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Couldn't Have Said It Better

Health Care Reform is on, reconciliation is a on and the Right is throwing the proverbial hissy fit. I say, as do many, that's fine, please do whatever you want. Bunning finally gave the general public a glimpse into the real psychosis behind Republican obstructionism. Threats are meaningless since he showed every card possible. What else can they do?

John Cole:

Bring it on. Up until now, the Democrats have suffered because people don’t really understand the concept of 60 votes, and have just wondered why Democrats don’t just pass their bills. They’ve looked at Democrats as the parents of an unruly child who just don’t have the nerve to get their kid in line.

But now, after the Bunning stunt, in which he wasted millions and deprived millions of needed aid, slowed down road construction, and made a bureaucratic nightmare of unemployment benefits, the American people got a glimpse of what is going on. One man had a hissy fit and thwarted the will of both parties.

So I say to Erick and the teabagging Republican Senators- bring it on. The neighborhood is starting to realize this is not just bad parenting, and now that the problem child isn’t just a problem for the parents, but is running around slashing everyone’s tires and generally making a mess of every damned thing, they are starting to pay attention. Even the media is running out of excuses and are starting to realize this isn’t 1994, but 1996.

So, go for it. I double dog dare you.

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