Monday, March 1, 2010

Get Your Dunkin Monday

Wake up it is the first of the month! It is March which means only three more months of winter in Chicago (insert a wink and nudge here). The forecast looks promising maybe we will hit the 50's by mid-March? This weekend was great as the lady and I were able to catch friends perform in Midsummer's Nights Dream. Followed by a lovely round of drinks at a Lincoln Park spot. The gold medal hockey game between USA and Canada was fantastic. Honestly one of the most exciting and hardest played games I have seen. It was Canada's to lose and I couldn't be prouder of the gritty performance the USA team put in. Valiant and full of heart just came up a little short. The Olympics came to a whack ass conclusion, but overall we broke the medal record. It just proves when we want to accomplish great things we how about those universal health care, jobs, financial and global climate change bills? We're #1! We're #1!

Here are your highlights:

Thank you Jim Bunning

See, what some have been saying for awhile is clear, Obama is black and a dangerous leftist. No word yet on whether or not Arkum Asylum had a jailbreak...

Corn Ethanol: Still a Boondoggle

More fun with activists judges, Supreme Court and the Second Amendment...oh and PEW PEW!

Paul Krugman in Hell, the press corps that is killing American dialog

Welp, I must admit Trent Frank says what a lot of neo-cons and wingnuts actually believe "Abortion is worse for Blacks than slavery was"


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