Friday, February 26, 2010

Friday Fashion Blogging

I have been mulling over where and when to start my Fashion blogging. After my vaca in San Diego I am in the mood to start sharing what's happening and what looks are inspiring to me. So why not Friday? Makes sense, right? Everyone is getting ready for the weekend. Time to get out and rock some new digs. I used to work at a retailer near Capital Hill, the uniform is simple; power ties, basic shirts, and power suits. That is it and a detriment to fashion. Hopefully this will give me a chance to maybe call out the perpetrators ex. Chuck Grassley's red vest and give insight to the stuff you can rock. Hopefully I will be able to do this on the regular.

First installment Friday Fashion Blogging:

A navy cardigan is essential and I consider it a basic. It can be done with many variations, my favorite; is the cardigan, add in a shirt with some pop like this one from J. Crew or a classic solid tee from American Apparel and a nice pair of straight leg denim. (can wear this in fall too with a different color scheme and a cashmere cardigan) Followed by the shoes.

Been eying these Sperry Boots for some time $125 at J. Crew, but I also go with Red Wing Boots or

Chucks by Jack Purcell or basic Chucks would complete the look too.

In San Diego, the lady and I had dinner outside that welcomed us with a pleasant ocean breeze. It was weather we won't be having in Chicago anytime soon, however when we do finally get it, this is my look of choice. Navy blazer, fitted shirt, classic color tie and denim. One thing I am still not convinced is a good look for me is the rolling of the jeans. I get the no socks with cordovan and wing tips (do it often in the summer), but rolling of the jeans? To each his own on that one. If you can rock it more power to ya!

This May I will be attending Paddy K's sister's wedding. It will be in Virginia, so I am considering purchasing a long sought after khaki suit. What better place than Virginia to rock this suit? I would add a tie bar to this and sub out the tie with a knit one. But it says cool, comfort, clean and classic and that you can dance...okay maybe not the dance part, but you know what I am getting at.

One last thing I always try to personalize these looks. I am a DC punk kid at heart hence my affinity for Chucks. I normally wear a leather band, sometimes twisted, if it is a nice outing a chunky watch and always a streamlined belt with a solid buckle, you know make it your own...unless of course that means the "tuck untuck."

That's it for this Friday, next Friday who knows what will catch my eye. Now if only Congress would have 1 person who gets this...

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