Monday, February 1, 2010

Get Your Dunkin Tuesday

It is going to be a busy day today in Frank world. Lots and lots more going on. The exciting event of yesterday was I finally got a new pair of shoes! For running that is quite a change. Sad to say, but it has been some five years since I had a new pair of shoes. So you know what that means people, juicing my pecs and fist pumpin! Anybody...? Anyone...? No...Oh well, sorry still psyched for Season 2 of Jersey Shore. The days news is not a snooze, so let's do this people!

Here are your highlights:

"We are the World" gets redone for Haiti

Hey old guys! Box! Two of my favorite fighters of all time are getting a long awaited rematch...wayyyy too late

Noted Blogger Directs Nonspecific Anger

WIRED: Obama gives more money to NASA while scrapping man to the moon program

You know how you ruin a great series of movies? Do a Bourne prequel movie without Matt Damon and P. Greengrass!

Budget Sense and Nonsense
, the papers are already picking up the meme of 1937. THE DEFICIT! It's oh so important, unlike the real people who are unemployed, losing their homes or losing in the classroom.


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