Monday, February 8, 2010

Get Your Dunkin Monday

Who Dat?!! SAINTS!!! What a great game! Congratulations to the New Orleans Saints and the people of the city of New Orleans. Five years after Katrina the city has persevered and have a nice little nugget of happiness...FINALLY! It was an exciting game that the lady and I were lucky enough to enjoy with some old friends. The commercials were meh, but the game more than made up for it. Lots of surprises, hard nose football and some puuurtty plays. I must say I felt that if Peyton Manning had the ball with minutes on the clock and the Colts were behind; Manning would find a way to win. I would have not expected a pickle by Manning (a pretty one at that) to close the deal for a Saint win. And that my friends is why football is the greatest game ever played. All right so let's do this because a lot of controversies are around the corner.

Here are your highlights:

Obama plans bipartisan health care

Another "Struggles of the Rich" story during the recession. Boo fuggin hoo

This is juicy! NY Governor David Paterson meets with Democratic leaders. RUMORS!! SEX!!! GAMBLING!!! (damn this means another bad Fred Armisen sketch)

Finally: New and improved Ketchup packets

The dangerous strategy of Republicans since Obama took office

Sarah fuggin Palin. I don't like to write a thing about her. I hate it in fact because it is like encouraging an overly obese child to enter a hot dog eating contest. She encapsulates everything that is wrong with politics, the media and America at this point in our history. And if you didn't notice she is quite possibly the most unfit person ever to be nominated for Vice President. But I do want to thank her for giving us PROOF of all of this without apology. If you believe she would be a great candidate for President of the United States you are a sorely mistaken, Palin writes notes on her hand.....ready for the 3am call....not even ready for a Tax Tea Party LOL.


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