Friday, February 26, 2010

Get Your Dunkin Friday

I'm baaaaack! Not gonna lie, I miss San Diego already. The lady and I had a fantastic time, spent way too much money and enjoyed one of the best weeks we have had in a long time. San Diego is gorgeous and I will share some pics next week once I get a chance to look at all of them. I am seriously considering relocating. Yesterday we got into Chicago and there was snow on the ground. I know. Shocker. Yet it was a relief to be home, cook our own meals and enjoy a glass of wine (Yellow Tail Reserve Shiraz). She passed out right after dinner, we had an early flight, while I struggled to catch the late night Olympics coverage. Overall it was a great getaway and much needed. The lady and I were truly luck to see the "Whale's Vagina."

Here are your highlights:

Health Care Summit, Obama's final message, we will do it With or Without You

Jim Bunning shows everyone how broken our system is and how much of dick he is as well. Blocking unemployment benefits because of basketball ball games...Tough shit

A tale of two pundits

WOW. Meet the bumbling Lt. Gov candidate for the GOP in IL poor guy, he is asked a tough question, that is never asked of Congress and Republicans, and blanks.

Obama aides meets with atheists

Idea, one day each year all us out there should have a Friedman protest. Call it, the SUCK ON THIS Tour. Perhaps? Still working on the name, however, this man is a sick human being who is gainfully employed to spout his opinion. Someone has to stop him. Someone has to discredit him time and time again. Who else is going to do it? Not the New York Times.


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