Friday, January 22, 2010

Get Your Dunkin Friday

Man the end of Jersey Shore was sad. Why did all the awesome have to end? And why in the world did Snooki and the Situation bump uggs? Duuuuuuuude! I know there are other things going on and a lot of whining and nonsense from the Democrats, but let's focus on one thing, what do I live vicariously through now? I mean the Shore was the shit. It was all the bad things I have never done in one season of trashy goodness. Seriously I am drinking a protein shake right now and working on the un-Situation! The post season "reunion" was pretty lame. Sammi Sweetheart is scandalous and shades mcgee. Ronnie and her broke up for like the 100th time in their short and total trainwreck of a relationship. I don't blame Ronnie for being pissed if I were him I would fist pump my way into a club and forgetta bout her! This weekend the lady and I are heading to Central Illinois because people get pregnant and you throw them parties for getting pregnant. I hope it includes mad juiceheads and guidettes.

Here are your highlights:

Do the Right Thing, Pass. The. Damn. Bill.

Debating Torture leads to Journalism

The new meme in the mainstream media, Obama went too far left Joan Walsh puts the cabash on that shizzle

"They started it" the mature words of Fox & Friends. It is war stupid.

Last decade was the warmest ever. 2009 was mighty hot!

Mr. President this is the lead in for your State of the Union and the key to the Democrats future. The Republicans have admitted they love them some Wall St. and corporations. (although I am not positive the Dems have the stones to do much of anything these days)


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