Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Get Your Dunkin Wednesday

So much going on so little time, what to do, what to focus on? Last night was Drinking Liberally Chicago's "War on Christmas." A solid gathering of socialists, commies and pinkos all focused on destroying Christmas and teh baby Jeebus. Nawwww. Actually it was a great time with light debate and friends enjoying many a Christmas ale. I must say, DL Chicago has turned out to be a pleasant surprise. It has opened up new doors and new friendships as well as honest debate. Weird considering I read about it on a blog and kind of just strolled in nonchalantly. Ain't life grand? If you have change to spare please donate to the Living Liberally organization,

Here are your highlights:

Senate Dems have reached a tentative health care deal and it isn't as awful as I thought it would be...

Our REAL GUVNA is building a legacy its all in the hair, Blago 2012

Math scores up in major cities, amazing what happens when an administration actually cares about education

Remember those WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION? Britain is actually doing what the US should be doing investigating the lead up to the Iraq war. Who is to blame? Some cabbie, that's not a joke...


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