Friday, December 11, 2009

Get Your Dunkin Friday

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Friday is here (how many time have I written that?) and I am psyched for this weekend. The lady and I will get some qt, I am auditioning somewhere for something and I got paid today. Add all of that up what does it mean?!! Winter boots bitchesssss! Yes I know, "Frank you have been living in Chicago for like four years and you don't own boots?" Welllll I am from the VA and always found it hard to buckle down and admit defeat. This winter is already to the negatives with wind chill compounded with snow and slush, Frank's gotta do what Frank's gotta do. So which ones shall I get? Manuggs? Target brand? North face? I am thinking somewhere in between, just can't justify dropping 200 bones for a couple months of dry feet...

Here are your highlights:

The funniest protest signs of 2009

Speaking of taxes, HOT NEW TAX IDEA (if only it was being sold by Victoria Secret models)

Not sure what Mickey Rourke is doing here, but for your eyes Iron Man 2 poster, WHIPLASH!!

Have yourself a Merry Little Cake Wreck

It is becoming increasingly frustrating that the blogs and websites are the only ones holding the GOP ass clowns accountable. It is embarrassing that we spend so much time talking to and about Tiger Wood's mistresses instead of the health care debate and the clownish GOP. They don't want to have a serious discussion and they have become increasingly ridonkulous. HEY PAY ATTENTION! Why dontcha?


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