Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Robert Gibbs in Pew Pew Action

This is up for quote of the week, "I do hope that people will check into the reality of what’s going on in America rather than the distraction of a reality TV show."

Gibbs puts the tea bag panel is befuddlement when their own mob organization is called out. I know Gibbs can stumble here and there, but no one is better at telling Faux News what they are to their face. And can we quit calling it NEWS, for christ sake, I could pee in a corner for 6 whole minutes and it would be relevant and reality based the Faux News. You think by now they would be forced to change their name to Faux News as I suggest or Fox Wingnut Entertainment. Regardless, this is Gibbs flipping the middle finger to Rupert Murdouche and Roger Ailesshole. Love it.

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