Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Get Your Dunkin Wednesday

Oh man was I in a mood last night. Poor Drinking Liberally folks were not expecting that much rage on a Tuesday night! I cannot apologize because there was ton to talk about; the possible cave on the public option, Van Jones, primaries in 2010 and how much North Dakota sucks barrs. Yeah ND fans I got no love for you, deal with it! Overall another successful night, remember every other Tuesday (not sure what that means) and maybe you will get a chance to hangout with the best folks in the Chi. In the good of the world newsies, Small Brown Bike are reuniting, if you have not heard their music take a listen and if you don't rock out you are not a fan of rock. Have fun being one of those tree hugging, bell bottom hippies, I will continue to be a ragetastic metal/punk/indie/awesome dude with like pecs and guns for arms. Oh and major ninja skills.

Here are your highlights:

Israel looks to be making a compromise putting Netanyahu in between a rock and a hard place

All this "the recession is over talk" doesn't change foreclosures and the people struggling to save their homes

Van Jones resigns over being a "truther", crazy Rep. Jean Schmidt gets high-fives for being a a birther

Okay here is some meat and vegetables for you to chew on, Rep. Saxby Chambliss (whose name sounds like a character from Willy Wonka) is suggesting the President show humility tonight. HUMILITY! Are you effin kidding me? Besides the underlying "uppity" context to Chambliss' wise words...What we need is all the audacity Obama can muster! AUDACITY to say eff you Saxby Chambliss and company, you are going to say NO to everything and anything and the American people voted for President Barack Obama and not some hack pile of douche whistling Dixie and smoking the ashes of the uninsured


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