Thursday, August 20, 2009

Get Your Dunkin Thursday

Hidee Ho Hidee Hi! It is Thursday and that means, I got I got I got a whole bunch of ragetastic awesomeness to rant about. First, however there is a sweet acoustic performance on a couch by Dear Hunter playing their song "Mustard Gas." This is how I roll, good tunes to accompany my rage. Yesterday night I did some artastic (yeah I am all about the tastics) and will be revealing the awesome later today. Don't be surprised if I am declared the next Picasso or Chuck E. Cheese.

Here are your highlights:

It is starting to become clearer, whoever thought of mandates and thinks it is a good idea, IS A FUGGIN IDIOT

Blackwater and the CIA: this is reality not a Tom Clancy novel

As if this wasn't already crystal clear we dodged a bullet with Palin, but we will dodge an even bigger bullet as long as "God" doesn't give Bachmann a call

Darth Cheney shoots his buddy in the face orders torture, nothing....Plaxico Burress shoots himself in the foot, 2 years.....

I have said this many times, bipartinshap in regards to health care reform, is not needed! It is also clear it doesn't exist. It is silly to let Republicans grand stand like any of them want to help 46 million people. They don't. If they did, we wouldn't have them talking about Death Panels or pulling the plug on grandpa, instead we would hear about constructive ways to lower costs, helping the sick and uninsured and perhaps an alternative plan.


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