Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Michele Bachmann goes Wingnuttia - HeadzUp!

HeadzUp provides this cartoon for us about Michele "Princess Winguttia" Bachmann. It is important to also include some of the off the wall comments. I share my faves.

ecwaufisxtreme: If Bachmann loses her seat, Sarah Palin should UNLEASH the WRATH OF GOD HERSELF onto those worthless minions who took her seat away!

AtheistontheEdge: There's an ad for Scientology on this page...fucking scumbag pieces of crap.

undiesinabunch: MB challenges the US census because GPS-equipped census-takers will soon be asking intrusive questions that invade YOUR privacy and which will aid them in the implementation of their coming Obama "Patriot Act" police state. They will ask questions such as "Is there a gun in the house?" with penalties for not answering having increased from $100 to $5000. The right to bear arms will soon be revoked so they need to know in advance where to knock down doors to confiscate YOUR weapons. Thanks MB!


Rome Fell Because:
Money became worthless (all silver taken out of coin)
US - 1964
US - 1971 (Gold no longer backs land of the eagle money)
Endless war
Endless welfare
Endless corruption
Remember when the states implodes (there's no chance of this not happening) the rest of the world's economy implodes as well.
Obama should take up the violin just like Nero, so he can play as Rome burns.

boots920 is the best commenter ever, he even denies Obama having a birth certificate. I must say entertaining to say the least. Comment on you bungs!

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