Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Boxing Legend Alexis Arguello

Alexis Arguello did what so few men in the ring could accomplish for he captivated the world. In his legendary battles with Aaron Pryor, Arguello gave fight fans a classic of epic tales, controversy and heart. Arguello was on the losing side of both those fights, but his valor and ultimate loss was boxing fans gain. He was honored most recently by being able to fly the flag of his country Nicaragua during the Olympic games in Beijing. As a man it seems he was troubled and it is sad that he felt he had to leave this world. Thank you Alexis, you were a champion.

From the Associated Press:

Nicknamed "The Explosive Thin Man," Arguello was inducted in 1992 into the International Boxing Hall of Fame, where flags were flying at half-staff in his honor Wednesday.

In 1999, a panel of experts assembled by the AP voted Arguello the best junior lightweight and sixth-best lightweight of the 20th century. Arguello never lost a fight at 130 pounds.

His popularity in his own country was so great that he carried the flag for Nicaragua at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, and led to his decision to seek public office.

"Not only was he one of the greatest fighters I've ever seen, he was the most intelligent fighter," Bob Arum, who promoted some of his biggest fights, told the AP. "He was a ring tactician. Every move was thought out. And he was a wonderful, wonderful person."

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