Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Get Your Dunkin Wednesday

this summarizes yesterday pretty well

It is hump day ya'll. I am already spent to say the least, who knew school, a full-time job and comedy shows would be no fun? I am now going to complain for the next five lines or so about how lucky I am to have a job in this economy, how great it is to have the ability to take classes and have a comedy lifestyle: this story was brought you from the New York Times! Oh man, I had you there for a second isn't it great reading about people who make money, have a home and then might lose their vacation home or something like that? RAGE! This is a recession, tomorrow will most likely remind us of that with the jobs losses and all the hoopla surrounding assets and toxicity, toxic and acid....I mean NIN on tour. I digress, can you tell I did NOT get enough sleep last night. Fugg it.

Here are your highlights:

Push Daley for Affordable Housing, I had this discussion with my cousins the other day, but unless you are a gajillionaire you are not living in Chicago comfortably

Wait...what?!! Harry Reid gets it and got fuggin' way

The best read you will get on Sarah Palin resigning with pictures!

OK so the Republicans have been trying to outdo each other recently on who will make the most assinine comment on the Hill, one might be stupid but someone is always stupider and someone is out to win the stupidest title. Her name is Sen. Sylvia Allen

"Trees cause pollution"- the great Ronald Reagan


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