Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Get Your Dunkin Tuesday

Tuesday is Frank is busy as all heck day. The one bad thing about holidays is you come back to the office and have to catch up......RAGE!!! It is Tuesday though so comedy has to be talks abouts, so I provided the above video from Outworld TV highlighting a great comedy show that occurred over Pride Weekend in Chicago. It starred Cameron Espisito, Bill Cruz, the Puterbaugh Sisterz, Keith Ecker and was run by the Sarcastic Squad guru Adam Guerino.

Here are your highlights:

Obama went to Russia and all we got was peace, damnit Billy Kristol crystal ball broken again

Probably the sickest and most twisted thing you will see this morning, Cartoons The Way They Should have Been

Apparently we are all Fake Americans, can we just have the MSNBC cancel this slop of teevee, it has completely ruined the "Cup of Joe" niceity.

You know that stimulus money that isn't being spent and not being spent well, Lucy you gots some explainin to do! CTA is getting hybrid buses that save money on fuel. That my friends is porkulus and wasteful.

ON SALE NOW, Palin insulting and just plain uneducated or is she too good for Alaska? Alaskans might think otherwise.....


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Elizabeth McQuern said...

Thanks for posting my Outworld video! You rock!