Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Website Red State to Re-Brand

According to the Guilty by Associated Press, Red State "the right’s fight online against the left," is going through a re-brand after recent self-implication of socialism do to its color scheme and logo. Red State has become aware that the site might be confused with anything red and Joe Web Master has decided to push the effort to move away from the red.

"We can't be socialist, not the slightest. Heck in the redesign I will probably change my title to Web Representative, master seems like a dictatorship or Hitler," said Joe formerly known as Web Master.

The color schemes and logo redesign are being discussed by Red State and its contributors. They are looking for schemes of America, but in a blog based website with of course less red. Red State is also waiting on the National Council for a New America to see if they can shift to a more unified overall re-brand.

Joe formerly known as Web Master said there might be a risk in consulting the NCNA, "The issue with unifying is, we still run the risk of being socialist. That's the rub."

More "red" that Red State is avoiding confusion with:

Red God of War, do not mess with Kratos

Product Red, don't want to be confused with the AIDS

Redman. If I said it once I said before, Wu-Tang Clan ain't nuttin' to fugg wit!

I am Frank Chow and I approved this message.