Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Get Your Dunkin' Wednesday

Man my allergies suck. It's like my eyes have been punched by the Pac Monster. What is with Chicago's weather, we have two seasons Summer and Winter THAT'S IT. My eyes feel like some through sand in them. My eyes feel like some shot lemon juice in them. My eyes feel like Paula Adbul's been poppin pills in front of me for hours. My eyes, my eyes well they fuggin hurt. Alas, here are your highlights:

HeadzUp TV, lays down the pipe on Joe Plumber.

Last Airbender the movie hears from Angry Asians. The truth of the matter is for how often we here from Spillywood, they consistently fugg up Anime and Manga to the point where it might as well be called something else.

Flickr fun
with Republicans, send in the clowns...

Bristol Palin says "learn from my example" her ex says YEAH RIGHT! HOCKEY!!!!

A Superhero Periodic Table?

Joe Plumber look out, the GAY STORM IS COMING!!

Arlen Specter gets his, awwww you talk shizzle about my nizzle Franken and boyyyy look out.

On the local front, if you are in Chicago and get chance to see Sean Flannery's one man show, you will bust a gut. Sean's personal stories and delivery are classic and I left the venue wanting to hear more. Also a shout out to Mike Stanley, CJ Sullivan and TJ Miller who put down some solid minutes of stand up.


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