Monday, May 4, 2009

Monday, Where Did the Weekend Go?

It was a fast paced and hectic weekend and now I am at my desk sorting it out. This week will be rough with a little celebration of my birth coming up and a momentous occasion for my lady, however the world moves and someone has to rock it!

So alas get your Dunkin', here's your highlights:

Welcome to Jurassic Park, THIS IS AWESOME

When the Republicans talk about filibustin' nominations and do filibust a nom nom, check the record and tell them to suck it.

Chicago the reality.

Mitt Romney and Eric Cantor tour America and make a case for....denial

Tax evasion will no longer be fancy

Holy what a crudd muffin banana muffin of a sports weekend we had; Pac Monster made history with a brutalizing KO, the Bulls fell just short, and a horse went in a circle while people watched wearing funny hats.

And finally, this weekend's performance was solid and funds were raised. The headliner of the night was musician Mark Minelli. I have seen him perform at various venues, but on Friday he rocked and pwned the audience. Mark mixes many influences with a soul pop folk infusion, his album is do to release this August and if the live performance was any indication, it is going be one to remember. I had a chance to chat with Mark throughout the night and he is finishing up his recording with a former Filter drummer producing at Transient Sound Studios. The album will include a mix of sounds and ambiance that will certainly highlight Mark's unique vocal styles and acoustic rhythms. Needless to say you should be excited. So you were told here first (well maybe not first ever) Mark Minelli, your new favorite artist.

From his website: Mark Minelli is a singer & song writer. His newest album, "Grenade, Grenade, Everybody Get Down!" is a brand new sound to folk-pop. It has energetic-dancing highs and warm-melancholy lows. Mark works tirelessly in the studio and on stage to bring originality and honesty to his music. Mark, without a doubt, is a new breed of folk singer, and -with his muisc- Mark is setting a new standard. While his newest album is near perfect, Mark is to be experienced live. Only by attending a live performance will you be able to understand what he is trying to get at through his muisc and lyrics.Mark's youth is rooted in a small town in Ohio, but he now proudly calls Chicago his home. Living on the North Side of Chicago, Mark can be found playing at many of Chicago's North Side venues.


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