Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Get Your Dunkin Tuesday

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Meghan McCain
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Well hellloooooo Tuesday. I love Stephen Colbert and I don't mind Meghan McCain, hence this video, but why I really posted it, is she seems like one of the few sensible "Republicans" on the teevee lately. She states at the end that the party is being pulled farther and farther to the right and it is completely true. This is discourse I can appreciate and pro-sex, how can you argue with that? So other than that joining a gym sucks, they have just as many fees and start up costs as the banks...RAAAGGGEEE!!!

Here are your highlights:

Sign of the apocalypse a Twittering Toilet

MOCK DRAFT- Let's hope the Wizards get the "kid"

Gov. Quinn does not want to anger the drunkest city in America

It never made sense to me to get rid of cops, firemen and actual city workers as solutions to handling deficits and budgets, especially in LA

Asians behaving awesome, Shin Fujiyama
and he is not too far from my old stomping grounds ROCK ON SHIN!

Wal-Mart is going after Game Stop, that's RAAAAGGETASTIC!

What a surprise the credit card companies and banks are trying to screw YOU over

It's Tuesday so I give you some Chicago Underground Comdedy, if you haven't made a show yet, tonight would be great to make it out for first timers. The show stars Dan Telfer, Adam Burke, Jeff Hansen, Alvin Stockdale, Carrie Callahan, Hannibal Buress and one of my personal favorites Brendan McGowan. Brendan is a local Chicago guy with a daily dose of America, he has a straight forward approach and a presence you can't ignore. I suggest you check out his performance from earlier this year at the Underground's St. Patrick's Day show. Classic.


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