Friday, April 17, 2009

Torture Memo Thoughts

Well I have had time to think and read what others think as well regarding the Torture Memos. I think Olbermann went over the top, Digby offers some noteworthy rage, the message boards are on fire and all in all... I am still rather undecided. However I find that any rage toward Obama is sorely misdirected.

He is our President and those who didn't vote for him, he is their President as well. We out their in the liberal blogosphere are of course up in arms, yet there is a part of our nation that clearly (despite the obvious gruesome details presented) feel these tactics are and were necessary. Does that mean they are right? Certainly not, but I doubt our President wants a march on Washington from both sides meeting in his front lawn either.

Obama after all is a politician and dealing with quite the plate load as we speak. Does he want a trial to distract his first year? Does it make sense for him to shift backward to the Bush Administration in this economic crisis? How many of his policies will fall to the way side if this becomes front and center? Blue Dogs and Republicans alike represent constituencies who whisper freedom and limited gubbament in their ear everyday, does he stand to lose them? The principal answer to all of these questions to quote Digby is “no reflection or retribution is not the answer. Prosecution is the answer. If these aren't criminal acts, nothing is. It's the stuff of nightmares.”

Yet Obama laid it out there. These despicable memos full of immoral acts along with the cold-hearted analysis to justify said acts burn our eyes. Most men not just politicians knowing what Obama knows wouldn't open the forum, wouldn't let the truth be told and for that I am thankful for our President and his decision.

It is up to us. Call me naive if you like, but I was at the rally in Grant Park the night of the election. There is a great part of America who believed in hope and change then and our call was that we were and are the change. How is this moment any different?

I am Frank Chow and I approved this message.

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