Friday, April 17, 2009

Friday, World You are Crazy

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moar funny pictures

Round and a round we go, quick highlights from the internets, thank you Al Gore. I have Cubs tickets this weekend and that means grillin', boozin' and rallyin', can't wait for the weekend of debauchery!

Here are the highlights:

Dumbest movie ever to be re-made?

Sarah Palin visits the home of my higher education and talks about baby killers, in hot boots nonetheless.

Nationals get a WIN!

"We are not a Gay Bar" This is not to far from Chicago and that is disheartening. Wonder if these same people were Tea Baggers.

Jedi Scottsman

What part doesn't Michelle Malkin get? Rightwing extremist doesn't mean conservative, but maybe she just is admitting what we already knew, SHE IS A RIGHT WING EXTREMIST.

The first REAL sign of the apocalypse.

That's it for now, CHOW!

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