Thursday, April 16, 2009

Thursday Quick Take

Aww, the fresh morning April air, it's actually nice outside in the North Chicagoland which means it is probably 40 degrees. Yes my life has gotten so weatherly (it's a word in my book) depressing that I get hyped for 40 degree weather and only a slight wind, nonetheless Quick Take!

In one act CNN loses all credibility they had left.

I want to float on a cloud, you should too

Jake Shimabukuro can play a mean ukulele

They have nothing to talk about so they rethink into thoughts about thinking

Madden retires, No more, "boom and then he went bam and then you throw the ball someone catches it and runs it in the end zone, that's called a touchdown." Sad day.

The Tea Parties EXPOSED! and and and EXPOSED!

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