Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Republican Party launches NEW and FRIENDY recycled and useless ideas

The time is now to party like 1950. Well in cartoon format that is.

The Republican Party clinging to ideas that have not worked have figured out HOW to make them work (for the public that is) by presenting them with CARTOONS!

Hooray. (insert the Brady Bunch, Andy Griffith and any other out of touch show you can think of here arrrgh)

Eric Cantor: See little Billy while you are trying to pay off your mortgage, take care of your family and deal with your medical bills. The rich will get a tax cut! Sounds great right?

Billy Nobody: Wait I don’t get it. I pay more than someone who makes more than me? But why?

Eric Cantor: Because we said so.

Billy Nobody: Wait, what? How does the help me to get by? And what else do you have? Anything? I mean I need to be convinced this is better than the current administration.

Eric Cantor: That really doesn’t matter you see because free markets and the terrorists and insurgency of tea parties will economically trickle down with Joe plumbers. It’s really about all job creation and creationism while tax cuts and lobbyists. Accountability. Determination. America. You see Billy?

Billy Nobody: Ummm…. All right well you did put it in cartoon format, so I guess I can give this a shot, what your history like?

Eric Cantor: Oh boy. A history buff are you? I have a ton of picture let me show you the Reagan library.

Billy Nobody: Sounds a little fishy.

Eric Cantor: You can play with guns.

Billy Nobody: Pew Pew!

(Billy Nobody walks off with Cantor, tea bag in hand)

This reminds me when I was a kid and I visited Epcot Center. It was so cool, there was a big shiny sphere and in it was a coaster about the FUTURE. Then when I was 18 I revisited the same "coaster" and laughed at the animatronics, terribly out of date narration and the two mph speed limit. Next stop Space Mountain. I didn't even flinch.

This is what out of ideas looks like, congratulations The Party of Hoover has returned.

I am Frank Chow and I approved this message.

Update: more from Think Progress

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