Friday, January 16, 2009

Small Towners Prove Obama Right- Cling to Guns

And I'm Proud to be An American where at least I know I am buy guns from Wal-Mart and shoot at whatever I see! Pew Pew!

Obama was named "Gun Salesman of the Year" (pew pew) by Outdoor (batsh*t crazy) News. Proving yet again the man was right saying "people cling to guns and religion." I wonder how that conversation went down amongst the villagers?

Earl: That Obama he is sooo uppity gonna take away my guns and my freedoms.

Bubba: Well I just got my paycheck, let's stock up on shotguns and automatic rifles and show that boy we mean business. RIP HESTON!!

Earl: Woohoo!

Bubba: But first let's watch that Hee-Haw and Dallas re-runs those were better days.

Earl: He's on the news again...Hold me.

Bubba: I'm scared too Earl, but we got Remington and Colt and he don't. PEW PEW!

America never ceases to amaze me and leave it to Fix News to report about people buying more guns because they are "scared" of the Obama administration. Why do I have a feeling these are the same people who got away with murder after the Hurricane? And why won't people listen to me, let's take up arms too!

Can you imagine the NRA's faces when 3 billion Chinese show up at their convention with Ninja Swords and the Turtles!?! That would be soo cool. Anyone know how to stop a bullet with a sword? Text me!

I am Frank Chow and I approved this message.

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