Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Get Your Dunkin Wednesday

And I'm baaaaack. It was a long trip and much I don't want to relive, but we made it and the kids got married. Success! I decided once I got back from being in Michigan that I needed a vacation from my "vacation." Michigan wasn't really my scene. Grand Haven was like walking on the set of the Truman Show. Anyway, here I am back to blogging and now we have Syria which feels like Iraq War redux, but a bit different. The economy isn't much better and oh yeah, the GOP still is batshizzzz crazy. Good things don't change.

Here are your highlights:

50th anniversary of the March on Washington

Yosemite Fire. It's sad that we still are so helpless against forest fires

Welfare and drugs tests -- dear conservatives you're wrong

RG3 is starting - now who wants opening day tickets?! I've got some for sale!

Cool concept, Trunk Club for Men

The flood gates will be opened by activist judges

Syria, not even the Arab League wants intervention