Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Get Your Dunkin Wednesday

PBO is making a speech on the economy today. He should talk about the obstruction of the Congress, the lack of infrastructure in this country, public education, green jobs and stimulus checks to the 98% of us out here who don't use bottles of Ace of Spades as props. Sadly, until we kick the GOP out of the majority in Congress, nothing great will be accomplished. Anyone who doesn't show up to vote next year is to blame if you ask me. How's that for the Hump Day blues?

Here are your highlights:

The GOP is going to go all in on repealing Obamacare including a shut down...

California high court refuses to stop gay marriages

Early bubble in the housing market?

Bank thieves -- the way we treat our less fortunate is unfortunate

The frightening future if the GOP wins the House, the Senate and the Presidency


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