Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Get Your Dunkin Tuesday

Wow, what a clusterf*ck yesterday. I thought all news dumps were supposed to happen on Friday and get swept under the rug. Is it me or is all of it rather small? I'm don't care about the IRS "scandal", to me it makes sense after the Freedomworks debacle. It looks like the AP thing is more about AP and I already forgot what else I'm supposed to be angry about...

Here are your highlights:

Dick Cheney still evil still stupid

They've tried for over four years to pin Obama as corrupt and black

Six Retailers Sign to Upgrade Factories

GOP outreach

Reality Check on scandalmania

Austerity Kills Literally


1 comment:

Steve S said...

If the IRS scandal was somebody at a high level in the white house directing the IRS to target tea partiers, that would be a scandal. So far all evidence points to low level bureaucrats being overzealous. Though you can expect Republicans and their media machine to portray it like Obama is the second coming of Nixon.

Bengazhi is bullshit. This we know.

If the AP thing gets amplified by the right into a scandal, that would be pretty hilarious given that it was Republicans who were putting pressure on the white house to launch that investigation. That said, I do take issue with the government doing anything that might give pause to the press in doing their jobs.