Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Get Your Dunkin Wednesday

I have to work all day. We have a corporate visit -- oh joy! But I do have an hour or so to share with you today's highlights with a couple of positives as Lent has begun. This is gonna be tough!

Here are your highlights:

Watching the State of the Union with Undocumented Immigrants - we rarely hear this story

Nom nom Valentine's Day recipes

Summing up the right-wing

A newly designed IPA glass, sounds like just what I need at home


The battle over minimum wage begins -- I'm kind of baffled this is even a discussion. $9 is nearly impossible to live off of, let alone support a family. Are our corporate overlords that vindictive...? If it's the starting off point to maybe increase hard working folks hourly wage, it'd be great. Also too, golden parachutes for everyone