Monday, February 4, 2013

Get Your Dunkin Monday

It was wild wild one. A game to remember for its utter absurdity and its tension filled finish. Man, I'm gonna miss football! Congrats to the Ravens the game played out close to how I thought it would...except for the blackout. What an odd Super Bowl story, but hey it's the NFL! Time for my man RG3 to get healthy and rocket back to the playoffs.

Here are your highlights:

John Harbaugh and the Ravens

White House AAPI will be in Houston on February 23rd

Going Godwin

The new GOP strategy "Extortion politics"

Man spends 7 years drawing an incredible maze

Howard Kurtz sucks -- more defense of the right-wing media

And the best news, Robert Griffin III wins the NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year!! It wasn't even close and a much deserved accomplishment for the young QB. A quick and healthy recovery to RG3!