Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Mid-Day Update

I slept in apologies. Tonight the wife and I are attending the LA Art Show premiere party. We're excited to be attending this classy and unique event. Two newly made friends were kind enough to invite us and we couldn't say no. Granted, I'm going to feel a bit poor and maybe a bit out of place, but I'm always okay playing pretend. Plus we get to view a ton of amazing art, something the Mrs. and I enjoy and don't get to do often enough.

Here are your highlights:

Hillary Clinton talks Benghazi and it gets a bit heated

Rep. Paul Broun needs to re-read the Constitution

Obama GOAT?

Steve M. thinks the Right is gonna run with Hillary soundbites

GOP really doesn't have a hand to play debt or budget wise

Excellent article by ESPN about the "Lost Super Bowl Heroes." One of them Ricky Sanders