Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Get Your Dunkin Tuesday

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I worked yesterday morning. Then I head to church for my weekly meeting. I wasn't feeling it when I walked in and then Monsignor chatted with me. It was a normal and most basic of conversations, but him simply asking about my day, my wife and family was exactly what I needed. A lot is happening in March with me. I'm excited and it's the littlest moments that make the journey so special.

As for inauguration day, the second time is much sweeter. Not nearly as celebratory, but more so satisfying. America is changing. We started the ball rolling. There is a lot of work to do I know...let's just remember we won't see this many firsts in sometime. I can now look forward to the inevitable election of our first Asian-American president, our first female president, our first Latino president, our first gay president and the list goes on. Will these all be in my lifetime? I hope so and for once I can say I think a couple may be so while I'm alive.

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