Monday, January 28, 2013

Get Your Dunkin Monday

The wife is off on a work trip, so I'm in SM alone -- writing -- and then working. This weekend was not long enough. I'm beginning to look for new work with hopes of finding a similar schedule where I can keep auditioning and such. Over the weekend I tried the impossible -- I tried to watch the Sunday Shows...I lasted a whole 30 seconds before I wanted to throw the tv through the window. Needless to say I quickly turned on a movie and saved myself the pain.

Here are your highlights:

Immigration reform has movement, the problem? It's still being done in archaic fashion.

Climate Change -- we're looking at it being "far worse"

The insular Republican world

Gun nuts are nutty

Lucas Matthysse made a statement, who's next?

Red State America - profits on the backs of those with no health insurance -- awesome...