Friday, January 11, 2013

Get Your Dunkin Friday

Yesterday I had a new head shot shoot with a very talented photographer.  I'm ecstatic about the end result and can't wait to get them out to my agents. Yes, I'll probably share them...eventually. There's some good things happening in 2013 already. A couple of us are slowly developing new projects and the season is beginning for acting again. I've got a feeling...

Here are your highlights:

The amount of ignorance and offensive stupidity displayed by the pro-gun lobby is astronomical. Gun Advocate: No slavery if blacks had guns

Michelle Rhee still sucks

Meet Virginia: Cuccinelli suggests people "go to jail" against Obamacare

WTF is wrong with teh anti-gay?!

If you click on this link and don't realize what's wrong with our gun fetishists...

Washington Redskins HOGETTES to retire. For those who never got to see these guys or learn about their amazing charitable work, you missed out. I grew up with the Hogettes, they represent the very best of the fan base. The stands won't be the same. HTTR!