Thursday, November 8, 2012

Get Your Dunkin Thursday

Wow. I needed a day off after Tuesday night. I may or may not have drank just a tad too much bubbly after the election was called for President Barack Obama. Now it's back to work. It's back to changing this great nation bit by bit. The first priority should be creating jobs and finishing what the administration started four years ago, recovery. It's going to be interesting to watch the GOP figure out what there next move will be. Their Black Jimmy Carter approach was thwarted clearly by the American people on Tuesday. There might be an ugly in-fight coming up over the next couple of years. I have a inkling they're going to have to jump off the crazy cliff before ever coming back to America. The America that voted on Tuesday, not the America they think still exists.

Here are your highlights:

Obama's Victory Speech

Forget undecideds, it's now about the Latino Vote

We've got to do better with our voting systems, Dem voters faced the longer lines

Hawaii sends first Asian-America female to the Senate, also congrats to Tammy Baldwin and Elizabeth Warren!

The Biggest Loser, Karl Rove


The Obama Mandate