Thursday, November 1, 2012

Get Your Dunkin Thursday

It's that time of year where we inch closer to election day. I'm a tad bit nervous, but after Obama's response to Hurricane Sandy I think Obama will be reelected. The most recent swing states seem to be aligning for a tight Obama victory and an almost certain right-wing meltdown. Romney as we've come to the finish line, as suspected, is not a strong closer offering little real "momentum". I don't look forward to the media response if Obama wins. By the way this election cycle developed it stands to reason they'll call the election result a call for Obama to go further to the mystical center. They'll ask for more austerity, bipartisanship and hurt for the less fortunate. And TAX CUTS! I say if Obama is reelected he should treat it is a mandate for his agenda. Raise taxes on the rich, invest in infrastructure and education and hire back a ton of gov't workers...hope.

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