Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Get Your Dunkin Election Day 2012

Well the Mrs. and I voted. After about an hour or so of waiting, we went to the archaic little set up and did the damn thing. I'm now going to try to avoid tv, Twitter and Facebook for much of the day. Hopefully, I'll get some writing done. It all comes down to tonight's results...what I'm feeling is Obama will be reelected and this blog will go back to thwarting ridiculous right-wing conspiracies. I hope that feeling is right. It's much more fun knowing there's a competent man leading the Free World.

Here are your highlights:

Romney Closes Dirty

Nate Silver, he's smart and wonky

The last minute tiff between Romney and Christie, don't see any benefit from this whatsoever. It's plain odd.

Lots of other issues being voted on today. Gay Marriage!

Atrios sums up the day ahead

Fired up and Ready to Go!