Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Get Your Dunkin Tuesday

I've already said my piece about 9-11 many of times. As I get older though, I've become less jaded and more disappointed. There'll be tons of tributes on tv, celebrities and news anchors recalling what they went through and felt, there'll be divisive rhetoric from the right-wing and people justifying two wars without mentioning one was completely unrelated. We're no more united today than we were back then. So yeah, I'm disappointed. This election gives us a chance to start making more things right. Hopefully, we do.

Here are your highlights:

Biden makes a classic visit to PA. firefighters

Chicago schools, the struggles in the system

Animated GIFs tell the story of the Fed and the jobs crisis

Reminder: We're but small specs in the sky

Power Rankings, the Skins make a big jump