Thursday, September 27, 2012

At a Total Loss

I've spent most of my day working my ass off. I don't get paid much for the amount of work I put in, it's frustrating and I'm quite exhausted. (Apologies for my time away of late) So when I arrived at my humble abode tonight I had every intention to sit and type. I wanted to write tonight about education in America, about television and writing Asian-American characters; I wanted to write about affirmative action and white privilege, about the election and being a part of the "other" 47%. Alas, tonight I won't write about any of those things. Instead, I'm stuck on music. Music that inspires, challenges and in a way haunts me at this moment.

I say haunt because when you listen to an album sometimes you come to a realization that you've yet to reach your potential. It challenges you because when you hear its intricacies you cringe at the thought of what more you could be doing at this very instant. You hear every note, the subtlest tones and each has an uncanny ability to inspire. I'm at a "Total Loss."

How to Dress Well - Total Loss

Listen. This is the kind of album that makes me want to create.

I will try to write tonight. I will try to be this good at what I do daily, but it's unequivocally clear, I've got work to do.

I am Frank Chow and I approved this message