Friday, August 3, 2012

Get Your Dunkin Friday

Yesterday was a good day, I can't say that enough. For lunch, I met up with a new friend and it was the type of lunch where I left inspired and hopeful for the future. Then I had an audition for a play about...wait for it...a comedian, I performed the sides alright, but then I had to do a part of my stand up and it killed. It felt nice to get the jokes out and have a room full of people laughing like that. Most auditions people say hello and get in and get out. Maybe something will come out of this, who knows, but it sure was fun. The lady and I will be going to the Cubs v. Dodgers game tonight with her fellow employees. Haven't been to a game at Dodgers Stadium ever...I doubt being in the box seats will give me that full experience, shoot can't complain. Go Cubs Go!

Here are your highlights:

Gabby Douglas, Virginia Beach, VA - women's all-around gold medalist!

Anaheim residents ask for more from their police force

Libertine Men! Scarlet Women!

Romney struggles with likability while Dems struggle in the South, nothing new

Mike Tyson on Broadway, I've got nothing

The Jobs Report. NDD breaks down the numbers. I must say again, we're ruled friggin' idiots