Friday, July 13, 2012

Get Your Dunkin Friday

It's been a surprising long week. I'm averaging one major audition a month, by major I mean it would change my financial sorrows, but as with anything in acting it really is out of my hands. I've now become accustomed to doing well in an audition and never hearing a peep. On the flipside, I'm used to flubbing an audition (or what I think is a flub) and then getting called back. Such is the nature of the biz. Hopefully my latest project will be up on the interwebs soon enough. I'm aching to share it. The lady and I are adding more furniture pieces to the home, it's coming together quite nicely. Oh and it rained last night, it was peaceful.

Here are your highlights:

Vaccine for chicken creates a virus...paging the writer of CHEW

Man, Mitt Romney can't even get his own account of Bain right

Republicans don't want you to vote. Also too, stupid.

National French Fry Day!

When I talk of shrinking gov't, the first thing that comes to mind is the Defense Dept.  The GOP is all for small gov't, but all for big guns. It's like guys revving their motorcycle engines at a stop light.


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