Friday, June 15, 2012

Good Job Obama

Didn't even know he could do this, but good for him (and his administration), "Obama Policy Will Grant Immunity to Young Immigrants"

Kevin Drum:

Good for him. Sure, this is election-year positioning, but sometimes good policy is good politics. And not only will this be good for Obama's electoral chances directly, but it presents Republicans with an excruciating dilemma: either lay low and piss off their base or else follow their usual anti-Obama playbook and unleash a blizzard of criticism that will torpedo their efforts to attract Latino voters for years to come. The smart move would be the former, and I imagine folks like Karl Rove will be pleading with leading conservatives to take a low-key approach to this. But my money is on the latter. The tea party folks will not be assuaged with a few ritual condemnations. They'll want blood. And they'll probably get it.

If the GOP goes the tea party route on immigration, they'll lose.

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Steve S said...

Great job Obama! Now, explain to me why you didn't do this after the Dream Act failed to pass? Clearly it's politics and I'm sure the people who have been deported between then and now will understand.

Asian-American Pundit said...

Yeah, that was my initial thought as well. I think he might have been giving ole Harry Reid too much time. Now, it's election time and as K.Drum said "good policy, good politics." I have no qualm with the president during an election year doing something like this, especially when it's beneficial to so many the GOP could care less about.