Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Get Your Dunkin Tuesday

I made it back alive. It was a fantastic weekend one filled with tastings, booze and fried cheese curds. Even if Wisconsin doesn't recall Walker at least they can say they have fried cheese curds. NOM. I'll probably post more bachelor festivus later and we most certainly will be discussing it on the next TATPodcast. I honestly couldn't have experience a better bachelor party. A special thanks to my guys and Paddy K for making it a rockin good time. And Milwaukee, you're cool in my book.

Here are your highlights:

Watch the Space Shuttle Discovery's Final Flight

Romney: He has something to hide

The Buffet Rule keeps getting fear-mongered, but it is simply trying to get us back to common sense

How Keynes Works

Wanker of the Decade has been revealed!!! And the list of the other 9 Wankers can be read here. Fantastic job by Atrios, when he writes more than a paragraph it's kind of fun.


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