Monday, April 9, 2012

Get Your Dunkin Monday

Bachelor festivus this weekend!! I'm headed to Milwaukee with the guys to go on a brew and distillery tour. I'm super pumped and can't wait to meet up, drink good booze and get away. I only have three more nights of closing and then off! This weekend was me simply working, so I've got nothing to report, unlike the asshats in the above story. They reported and failed miserably. Neo-Nazis are NOT a civil rights group. *Headslamondesk

Here are your highlights:

Local Faux News all sorts of sucks

Remembering Mike Wallace

Early studies show obesity might be linked to having autistic children

Getting Worked Over, the gov't can create jobs, we just have loons who refuse to use this resource

WANT: Official Akira bike

A deeper dive into the jobs report and some troubling signs. You know what would fix this...? The opposite of what we're doing right now.


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