Friday, April 6, 2012

Get Your Dunkin Friday

Yesterday I had all day off. It was just what I needed. I met the lady for lunch at Huckleberry, then headed on a mission to try on some suits for the wedding. I have had little success since I'm looking for a distinct cut, style and color; everywhere I go all the suits seem to be too dark. Then I stumbled into Nordstrom for probably the millionth time and tried on a suit I didn't expect to work at all. At first it didn't work. It was too boxy. Then the sales person brought me the suit in a size and length smaller...perfect. I found my suit, thank god, and boy am I relieved. The wedding is less than 80 days away, bachelor party is next weekend. Let's do this America!

Here are your highlights:

Marion Barry Turns Toward Bigotry, at Asian-Americans

David Brooks can't help himself

Obama's approval's are shifting in the right direction


Jobs report and early indicators don't look all that good


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Steve S said...

I just shot these guys in concert the other night :)