Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Get Your Dunkin Wednesday

Last night was great. I was able to sit and listen to a panel of fellow writers who are making it in Hollywood. They fielded questions, gave advice, do and don'ts, and they all seemed down to earth. You could tell they each a unique drive about them, a "don't quit" attitude, if you will, that I feel I possess. Another  strikingly awesome aspect of the experience was seeing how many fellow AAPI's were actively seeking knowledge about the business and how to "break into television." We often complain about there not being enough roles out there for us, but the first step it seems is to write the roles we want. No better way in my opinion. A special thanks goes out to the East West Players for hosting the event at their awesome theater.

Here are your highlights:

What happens if the SCOTUS strikes down the individual mandate?

Britain, austerity is stupid

NRA selling concealed weapon hoodies....

Congrats to Beth Stelling for being awesome always and at SXSW

Maybe the SCOTUS will consider the real consequences of their decisions? 


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