Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Get Your Dunkin Wednesday

How's life? What's new? I'm trying to have a better outlook this week. I've been writing, eating smarter and training at the new job. Good times. So while I like those things that means I'm gonna have a little less blogging going on for a bit till I figure out my schedule. Don't worry it's 2012, RAGE is headed your way especially with the stupid coming from Elefuggs these days. Really Sweater Vest Man wins again? Really?! We've got issues America.

Here are your highlights:

The Other Glass Ceiling, where are the black governors?

The Redskins had a busy and productive day, getting weapons for RG3 and resigning muscle

Don't you know that it's different for hippies

The cartoon that Doonesbury wasn't allowed to share in teh papers

Is that Austerity working yet? I think you know the answer...


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