Thursday, March 22, 2012

Get Your Dunkin Thursday

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Woah I missed a day, how'd that happen? Oh I know I've been working much more. Both good and bad, I'm here less BAD, however I'm working more GOOD. If you hadn't noticed the Trayvon Martin story is finally receiving the attention it deserves. It's a terrible case of poor judgement, an environment of fear and perhaps some shady police work...hopefully there will be justice for Travyon and his family. I posited on Twitter, the other day, I still can't put my finger on what good the NRA has ever done. We have a ridiculous gun culture in America. It's beyond protecting oneself, it has armed the unfit and encouraged the irrational. I'm aware it's a lost battle, the NRA and the GOP have won the gun debate, however perhaps we can start winning back part of the conversation. "Neighborhood Watch" is not supposed to mean the Wild Wild West. Also too, this is racist. I'm working most of the day, keep ya head up!

Here are your highlights:

Ryan Budget "destroys Medicare as we know it" and hurts the poor, on purpose

Lessons for Progressives

DIY: Lucky Charms

GOP blocks something they don't quite understand

The "scary" truth of the conservatives stance on women


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