Thursday, March 1, 2012

Get Your Dunkin Thursday

So the interview went alright I guess. It's basically between me and another person, luckily the company is growing so if it's not my time now...there are more opportunities around the corner. I did find out that my "confidence" can sometimes be perceived as "cockiness"...apparently as with previous jobs my humor is lost on some. Oh well, can't make people understand sarcasm. If we're all adults and you don't get it, it's probably safe to say you never will. Oh shoot, that's me being "cocky" again...doh. In all seriousness I think I'm finally starting to get over my cold and now can focus on getting in tip top shape for the wedding. Four months!

Here are your highlights:

Senate halts contraception reversal, barely.

Activist judge appointed by Bush says "I'm not racist" after sending racist Obama email

Andrew Breitbart dies. I don't think the world will be any kinder, here's a recap of the life he lived. He leaves behind a wife and four kids, for them I'll pray.

Here's a worthy read about Romney: His economic plans are terrible

How Obama follows sports

The attack from the Right on public education has been a long battle. We have to do our best to educate Americans and vote these bums out!


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